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LCA capacitates broadcasters
22 March 2024 | 08:19

The Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) held a one-day capacity building workshop for broadcasters on Editorial independence, code of conduct and ethics in Maseru on Thursday.

In his official opening remarks, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LCA Mr. Nizam Goolum said this workshop is one of the initiatives of the authority that aims at improving journalism and broadcasting professionalism within the country. He said Editorial independence comes in as a vital tool as it enables broadcasters to fully put into practice their capabilities.

Mr. Goolum added that it is through such steps which include regulation of media houses that there will be lesser broadcasting disputes and complaints. He further mentioned that as the authority, they are working with institutions such as the Limkokwing University of Technology (LUCT) to ensure that broadcasters are highly and fully equipped with necessary skills to ensure their professionalism.

Giving out his views on Editorial independence as a concept of professional requirements in journalism, a Media Training Consultant Mr. Mzimkhulu Sithetho said there are factors which hinder Editorial independence in a number of media houses which include Political, Legal and Economic influences.

He further highlighted that Editorial independence is a cornerstone of media freedom and any influences and undue pressure in determining the direction, angle and tone to content of a media house can be done by the editorial without the influence of media owners, politicians or business proprietors.

On the other hand, the National Director of MISA-Lesotho Mr. Lekhetho Ntsukunyane indicated that the issue of some media houses having to generate its own revenue comes in as a way that affects or has direct impact in the interference of the content and in a way affects Editorial independence.

one of the participants Mr. Sekere Khomo said the other interventions that could be implemented to bridge some of the gaps identified for Editorial independence is the issuance of funds to private owned media houses to support them.

The event was attended by broadcasters coming from different broadcasting stations within the country.