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Government makes strides to address unemployment
14 June 2024 | 09:27

In an effort to address the high rate of unemployment, the Prime Minister’s Office has on Thursday launched the government initiative programme known as Lesupa-tsela with the registration of 1300 of people for Teyateyaneng constituency at Taoana Square Park to work on temporary works.

When approached for a comment, the representative of the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Khotso Ntomane said most of the youths are skilled in various aspects of education, but majority of them remain unemployed and lack workplace experience.

Ntomane said the government of Lesotho has pledged its support aimed to capacitate and engage such youths in various work environments so that they can gain work experience needed by employers, adding that some even got lucky to be absorbed by the employers after completing their internships.

He further said the programme of Lesupa-tsela also caters even for unskilled youths and those aged beyond that limit but on the provision that they are capable of doing community development projects.

Mr. Ntomane said the primary purpose of the programme run by the Prime Minister’s office is to enhance the well-being of people, to promote poverty reduction strategies and skills development.   

He further said the first batch of 63 people per constituency are going to be enrolled, moreover three development sides or catchment areas are going to identify and 21 people per side are going to work interchangeably for a period of a month and thus earn some incentives of M1300,00.

One of the youths, Ms. Thato Makoele said although they are looking for permanent job opportunities, being given a chance to work at the Lesupa-tsela programme will be an added advantage to improve their profiles.

Ms. Makoele said being educated, but without a job is quite depressive and some youths end up being drug addicts or even land in jail, so the programme is going to keep them busy, and it gives them a sign of hope.

One of the villagers from Ha-Mohlaetoa Mr. Thabang Khabane said they did spend sleepless nights at Taoana Square with the hope that they are going to be hired, but the required number is quite small looking at how they are suffering with their children.

Mr. Khabane however said if it can be well administered, the programme of Lesupa-tsela is one of the strategies that can promote constructive participation of youths in nation building activities and economic development programmes.

Meanwhile, the reports indicate that the projects are going to be collectively identified by the community leaders and the community based on the findings of their needs assessment.