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11 July 2024 | 11:14

Maseru__ Gangsterism commonly known as manomoro within Maseru Central Correctional Institution (MCCI) is not original and different from that of South African based prison, Sun City.

This was said by one of the inmates Mr. Sihle Sekants'i when testifying before the Commission of Inquiry on the escape of inmates, on incidents of December 22 last year.

Mr. Sekants'i, who said he has been a member of South African nomoro since the year 2000 clarified that he is not a member of this group within MCCI.

He said nomoro was established with the objective to create unity among inmates and stand up against violation of inmate’s rights hence was appreciated by many people and majority joined it.

He clarified that membership is not eligible to every person as they want someone who is truthful and has good behaviour, emphasizing that membership is for inmates not people who are not in prison.

He added that members are trained and have a code of conduct which is taught verbally, indicating that there is hierarchy within numbers.

" Numbers are also different as there is raf 3, 4, 26, 27, 28 and big 5" he said, indicating that raf 3 and 4 operate by fleeing away or escape from prison, 26 are those who dislike trouble and always keep busy and that 27 and 28 are companions who always maintain cleanliness, respect each other and stand their ground when their rights are violated.

He also said the big 5 reports and black paints other inmates in order to appear good, saying he is in raf 26.

He therefore refuted allegations that block D where he is currently staying is reserved for manomoro and that they had to be separated from other inmates as they fight over girlfriends.

"Not all people who stay in blood D do such acts and are manomoro " he stressed, indicating that he is disciplined and should not be associated with doing such things.

He further said he has learned that people who claim to be manomoro in Lesotho shed blood, emphasizing that what they are doing is not right and totally different from South African number hence is not lenomoro in MCCI.

Meanwhile Mr. Sekants'i also narrated how he was brutally assaulted by Lesotho Correctional Service Recruits during the general search exercise that was conducted at MCCI on December 22 last year as well as how he is often assaulted by officers including the fight he once engaged in with a fellow inmate and ended up being taken for disciplinary hearing which resulted in harsh action that was taken against him.

He is due to be cross examined by officers who he implicated during his testimony.